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"I've worked with the physical therapists at Artesia Physical Therapy several times and each time they have helped me recover quickly and completely. Renee is caring and knowledgeable. I always know that i will get the help that I need!"
Sep 02, 2021
"Just want to express that the therapist were very professional and courteous, friendly and were very helpful in helping me in my therapy with my knees just want to thank Haunz Murdoch and everyone for their assistance."
Aug 13, 2021
"I started physical therapy after an injury that resulted in a pinched nerve in my back which wouldn't allow me to do anything but sit and sleep. I had a constant pain in my hip and down the right leg which was extremely unbearable and I couldn't get in any position to alleviate the pain. My doctor started me on PT at the Artesia office and went to therapy twice a week for a total of somewhere around 7 weeks. My therapist was very open to my pain and started me on a stretching and exercising program immediately and the pain started subsiding within two weeks, making it a lot more bearable. At the end of my therapy sessions, I am pain totally pain free and am back to my normal daily routines. The staff at Artesia PT are 100% friendly and willing to assist in anything I needed and they continuously commented to me how much I had improved which was a morale booster for me. I fully recommend Artesia Therapy to anyone needed PT as your needs will be met with the most courteous people in the business! Thank you Artesia Physical Therapy!!!!!"
Jul 09, 2021
"I had surgery on my ankle. I didn’t think I needed physical therapy but was I wrong. David and Justin helped me so much. They were very knowledgeable when i felt something was wrong and explained what it could be and gave me advice on what to so to make it better. With their help I am almost back to normal. I would highly recommend Artesia Physical Therapy to anyone that needs therapy. Everyone working here is friendly and helpful. "
Feb 20, 2020
"I have been very satisfied with my treatment. Everyone was very professional. Mrs. Powell and Renee did my eval and therapy. "
Jan 26, 2020
"I had a complete knee replacement when I first went into therapy. My therapist was Arren, she's the best she really worked me and got me to where I am today. I love Artesia Physical Therapy they really help a you and they don't hurt you. Thank y'all at Artesia Physical Therapy!!"
Dec 10, 2019
"This was truly an experience but a great one. I couldn't be more happier. I went from pain and worried that I would need surgery, to where I am doing great and no more pain. These are truly great people."
Oct 31, 2019
"I had back surgery last year and after working with Renee I am happy to say my entire body is back to normal. Renee helped me immensely and I would highly recommend her and Artesis Physical Therapy to anyone who needs therapy. Thank you Renee. "
Oct 18, 2019
"I came to physical therapy, barely being able to lift my left arm. And being awaken from my sleep with pain after weeks of therapy, I am able to have very good use of my left arm and I am also sleeping thru the night. The staff here was very helpful. And I sure do appreciate the hard work they did to help me out. Thanks a lot. "
Oct 14, 2019
"They did a great job. Couldn't ask for better. You got great people here. "
Oct 10, 2019
"Enjoyed working with Renee."
Oct 08, 2019
"Did an excellent job."
Aug 09, 2019
"Had a really good experience. I couldn't barely move my arm when I first came in and now I can do anything I want to do."
Aug 08, 2019
"Very pleased with my experience and therapist."
Jun 28, 2019
"I am very pleased with the level of care and professionalism at Artesia Physical Therapy. They have helped me through two complete knee replacements. I highly recommend them!"
Jun 06, 2019
"I went to Artesia Physical Therapy for a broken arm. David and all of the staff were great. They were very professional and it showed that they cared. I received excellent care and I am back to doing everything now. Thank you! "
May 23, 2019
"Thank y'all for great care I feel like y'all have helped me more than anybody."
May 08, 2019
"David, Arren and Justin were terrific to work with. My ankle is much better, and I feel I am able to finally go on with daily activities that I was unable to do for so long. I thank them tremendously, and if I ever need PT again, this facility will be my choice for treatment. I also send family members here as well.... thanks so much to all the staff... ya'll were great !! "
Mar 27, 2019
"I received a rt total knee replacement on 7/30/2018 after battling with restricted range of motion, swelling, and severe pain for years (10). As I was 36 at the time of the replacement but the knee was to the severity of finally deciding to move forward with the replacement. The first surgery/ recovery was rough and slow. The APT staff helped to keep myself motivated and gave 100% in guiding myself to recovery. Although the staff and myself gave the 100%, there was no way the pt was going to correct the issue of failed ligaments that would not support myself. I did at this time regain 110/5 which I was very satisfied with and continued to work with me to prepare the best as possible for the revision to come. The revision took place on 10/29/2018 and a prosthesis with support was installed. The surgery went well and recovery progressed well. I am now able to walk without pain, up and down stairs, squat, climb ladders, and shuffle from side to side. These are just some of the task I could not tolerate or perform before the surgeries and rehab/pt. I strongly believe in physical therapy and will suggest it to everybody, especially Artesia Physical Therapy. The group is very professional and encouraging. They provide an outstanding service and are very knowledgeable."
Mar 25, 2019
"I want to thank David and staff(Erin and Justin) for all the time and patience they put into my rehab. They cared about my rehab! They made sure I kept up with my exercises and answered all my questions. I would recommend them to my family and friends!! "
Dec 26, 2018
"I highly recommend Artesia Physical Therapy. I feel it made the difference in my rehab. The staff is always helpful and thorough."
Nov 02, 2018
"So grateful for the staff, I feel great now. "
Oct 30, 2018
"I appreciate the friendly and helpful exercises to heal and get my ankle stronger. I highly recommend this therapy facility."
Oct 24, 2018
"I have enjoyed my therapy at Artesia Physical Therapy. The people are kind and patient. They are willing to repeat and answer all of my questions. They are always encouraging and concerned for my well being. They also try to work with my schedule. I would highly recommend this place to any person in need of therapy. The therapists are pleasant and nice but also very professional."
Oct 23, 2018
"I love this place! All of the staff are wonderful and I am much improved. I came in for chronic back pain but I didn't realize that my neck was as bad as it was. I have achieved a range of motion I didn't believe possible without pain. I would highly recommend Artesia Physical Therapy."
Oct 19, 2018
"I love this place! The staff is wonderful and I am much improved. I came for chronic back pain but I didn't realize that my neck was as bad as it was. I have a range of motion I didn't believe was possible without pain. I would highly recommend Artesia Physical Therapy."
Oct 18, 2018
"I am very pleased with the treatment and mostly the success in giving me back my mobility"
Sep 17, 2018
"All my issues are much better, and I expect to improve more with the therapies I've been shown."
Sep 13, 2018
"They did a great job on my therapy! I would highly recommend Artesia Physical Therapy."
Aug 29, 2018
"I am very pleased with all the staff. They all are good workers! Thank you! Good job!"
Jul 23, 2018
"I enjoyed coming to this facility for my physical therapy. The staff is amazingly respectful and caring."
Jul 23, 2018
"These people are great!"
Jul 09, 2018
"Very friendly and know their business."
May 03, 2018
"The therapy is excellent and attention is paid to patient. "
Mar 02, 2018
"Great facility and great staff."
Feb 07, 2018
"Felt they were very compassionate about my needs. Very pleased with how they worked around my schedule. The treatment was very successful."
Jan 30, 2018
"Over the course of my physical therapy I have seen a great improvement and now have great exercises to maintain my back and neck. The staff was amazing very caring and helpful. I would highly recommend Artesia Physical Therapy. "
Dec 28, 2017
"My therapy really helped. It was a lot of little items which they showed me how to help myself.With simple exercises I am feeling and moving better The staff is awsome! Susie"
Dec 14, 2017
"I had a great experience here at Artesia Physical Therapy my therapist is amazing she answered all my questions that I had I came in with knee pain that was at 10 now Im at a 0 I feel no pain when I walk. I would honestly recommend my family to Artesia Physical Therapy."
Dec 08, 2017
"thank you great job. I have learned a lot."
Nov 27, 2017
"Friendly staff and flexible schedule to work around my busy schedule."
Nov 13, 2017
"Great experience, I feel like I got my life back , I was in so much pain. Now I feel so much better. The staff is amazing."
Nov 10, 2017
"Great place to get you back in shape. I like how they design a program theat fits your needs."
Nov 06, 2017
"APT is wonderful! They do a great job of tending to all my PT needs. I am so grateful to them for working so hard to get me back to my best shape."
Nov 03, 2017
Nov 03, 2017
"Everyone was great at getting me the results I wanted from my therapy. I was attended to with great care and compliment the whole staff at this facility."
Oct 26, 2017
"Y'all are great. I'd recommend friends and family coming here Anne is the best. She'll help you feel better like she did with me. Thank y'all for your help."
Oct 26, 2017
"The staff was very friendly they all did an amazing job helping me. overall experience was excellent"
Oct 26, 2017
"I started my therapy doubting it would work. I was proven wrong! I saw improvement within a week and my condition continued to improve and I became pain free!"
Oct 23, 2017
Oct 11, 2017
Oct 06, 2017
"The exercises that were prescribe to me completely relieved me of neck pain, The knowledge of the staff and the care of my complete recovery from pain was is top priority,The entire staff very helpful and considerate of scheduling and comfort. Thank you Artesia Physical Therapy."
Oct 06, 2017
"Thank you for the help wonderful staff enjoy it"
Sep 27, 2017
"I had the best experience. If I ever have to use these type of services again, I will definitely come back."
Sep 27, 2017
"Thank you for your help and leading me to my way to recover ."
Sep 13, 2017
"I am impressed with the staff at Artesia Physical Therapy. From the moment that you walk in the door it is all about the personal attention. They are passionate about what they do and it shows. Thanks to David and Arren for helping with the pain and teaching me the necessary moves to make everyday life better."
Sep 12, 2017
"I began therapy in the hopes of eliminating surgery on my foot. I never thought it would work. After 4 weeks of therapy, I no longer need surgery and feel amazing! Thank you, Arren and David for all the help getting better!"
Sep 12, 2017
"I love the care you all take and help me. Thank you"
Aug 31, 2017
"Each session was very beneficial for my frozen shoulder. After each session's stretches gains were made in movement. I have made good gains and feel with time, progress will result in complete movement in the various areas. There have been many stretches and movement shown that have helped me complete my therapy at home and gain movement. Each member of Artesia Physical Therapy has been very helpful and I would definitely recommend others to use their services."
Aug 29, 2017
"I appreciate everything Artesia Physical Therapy did to get me better and relieve my pain. Everyone was very nice and helped motivate me to get better. I am very thankful for everything."
Aug 28, 2017
"I was very pleased with the staff. They are friendly and good at what they do. They got my knee back to normal with no pain after surgery. Thank you all"
Aug 28, 2017
"The staff here is very nice and I felt very comfortable trying to heal."
Aug 02, 2017
"The staff here are very supportive and have helped me through my process here."
Jul 31, 2017
"I love everything that you have done to help me get to where I am now thank you."
Jul 31, 2017
"Arren has been a wonderful therapist and Artesia Therapy has been an excellent facility for rehabilitation. I have had both knees totally replaced and my success as been due to the excellent care I have received. Would recommend this facility and it's therapists to anyone and everyone."
Jul 21, 2017
"Muy agradecida con el trabajo y como trata. Todo el personal especialmente el Sr. David. Una excelente persona"
Jul 18, 2017
"My experience was very good."
Jul 17, 2017
"We were very pleased with your service. The facility and staff were excellent to work with and really helped me get better."
Jul 05, 2017
"It really helped! I enjoyed working with everyone."
Jun 26, 2017
"I have had a good experience with Artesia Physical Therapy. The staff has been friendly and courteous. They have helped me in the healing process since my knee surgery. I would recommend them to others. Viola Lopez"
Jun 22, 2017
"Great experience and the treatment was outstanding. Thank and all of the staff."
Jun 21, 2017
Jun 20, 2017
"You have been very good; everything has been perfect! I appreciated the follow-up and teaching me how to manage my symptoms by myself."
Jun 15, 2017
"Very good!"
Jun 15, 2017
"It really helped a lot and put me back into football"
Jun 08, 2017
"Very helpful."
Jun 08, 2017
"My time at Artesia Physical Therapy was very enjoyable. They all took time to make sure that i was on the right track and answer any questions i did have. Everyone was very nice to work with and i will miss them all."
Jun 06, 2017
"They helped me recover from a knee injury I had received. The people are great and the energy is always positive in the building!"
Apr 10, 2017