Care Connection

  1. Emily and Taylor-I like how funny and caring they are.
  2. Emily-Emily worked very hard for/with me,
  3. Very well at targeting the muscles I need to strengthen.
  4. Cannot improve on excellence!
  5. Great at showing exercises or workouts clearly.
  6. I went to the chiropractor 6 times and it didn’t help, physical therapy helped me way more than chiropractic.
  7. The therapists listen to you and find ways to help you improve.
  8. Everybody is very friendly!
  9. Everything was excellent!! Chris and Eric are awesome and I can’t thank them enough for helping with my recovery.
  10. Very good all around.
  11. They were very helpful in advising me on home workouts and everyone I worked with was very knowledgeable.
  12. Keep up the good work, I was very impressed.
  13. I really appreciated that everyone showed real concern for the patient and encouraged them to do their exercises.
  14. Knowledge is excellent, continue to educate very well.
  15. Everything is great.
  16. I am very satisfied with the treatment I received at Alamogordo Physical Therapy.
  17. Keep giving the great service you always provide.
  18. Thank you all for being so understanding, kind, and caring! You guys have given me hope
  19. Everyone that I came in contact with is very compassionate, from the staff upon entering the facility to the staff you work with. The staff that was he facility were very friendly and made me feel welcome.
  20. I appreciate that you focus on recovery instead of trying to keep patients as long as possible.
  21. All staff I worked with are great and knowledgeable.
  22. Sal and Joanna did great! You all educate your patients, and communicate very well.
  23. Colette was very helpful throughout treatment and on giving me tasks that I may continue. Very safe and caring environment.
  24. Colette is very caring and knowledgeable.
  25. Keep on keeping on. Awesome place!
  26. Tempest and Emily were awesome to work with and helpful.
  27. It’s all great!
  28. I had an amazing experience! Chris, Joanna, and Bridgett were amazing. Thank you!
  29. Clinician explained well what I was to do and demonstrated.
  30. Great bedside manner and body mechanics.
  31. Very informative!
  32. All is good.
  33. Emily is great and makes you work.
  34. You do it all well, and thanks.
  35. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
  36. Everything has been excellent. Mike is so knowledgeable and spent time explaining and addressing concerns.
  37. Y’all were awesome!
  38. Chris and Monica are excellent therapists!
  39. Very caring and kind.
  40. Emily was always on time – was very pleasant and a complete delight to work with. Very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to my friends.
  41. Everyone is very helpful and friendly.
  42. Really liked Emily. She was friendly and helpful.
  43. I love the way the staff tries to make me feel better.
  44. Thank you J.
  45. Mike and Anna are great. They are very informative and very friendly. Everything they suggested I do for my treatment helped and worked.