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"I came in with very limited mobility in my neck and my right shoulder and arm was very limited. My pain was at a 8.5 to a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10. I haven't been able to sleep in 3 yrs because of the constant pain. I had physical therapy, 24 sessions, in 2019 at a different location and practice. They had me doing wall push up, lifting weights. I was discouraged because it didn't help so I thought I had to live with it. My new Doctor, Dr. Martin from El Paso advised for more P/T and I came in hesitant. I came here to Alamogordo P/T and was attended to by Gilles. After the first session I slept like a baby which I didn't do for the last 3 years!!. With Gilles 's instruction my headaches, neck pain and right arm pain have almost gone. I wish I started physical therapy sooner at Alamogordo physical therapy. It would have saved me a lot of money and pain and suffering... Now I have the tools to fix my own spine in the future!"
Aug 25, 2021
"I came into the clinic(I have been in the past with other issues) due to what I had perceived as shoulder pain. I had been to orthopaedic Dr. and had both x-rays and MRI which confirmed a complete right rotator cuff tear. The Dr. agreed to send me for physical therapy treatment with Gilles who has been my PT for other problems too. On the vey first appointment Gilles decided that my neck was causing the shoulder pain. After neck treatment the first session, my shoulder pain was 90% less!!! IT was almost like a miracle. Even my posture has improved. Also sleeping better now."
Jun 11, 2021
"I have been having hip pain and numbness in my left leg the past four years. I was referred to pain management and they did 2 sessions of shots on my back. Lasted for 1 month. Then I went to chiropractor for 6 months and he told me i was suffering from sciatica. Took some sessions but only alleviated the pain just a bit but it came back. Then I was referred to joint doctor and he put me on some meds for pain. He said I had bursitis on the hip. Went to bone doctor and he told me to consider a calcium shot. Finally, I was referred to therapy and the first session Gilles realized what the problem was. He fixed my leg and I was able to walk with no pain. I woke up this morning and didn't have to stand on foot before taking a step. Took off walking right away with no pain. "
May 20, 2021
"After 33 days in a coma and 2.5 weeks in inpatient therapy I was discharged from the hospital with therapy to continue in a outpatient therapy. My first 2 sessions with Giles were primarily assessment and mechanical manipulation of the neck and hips to get them back in alignment this produced immediate results in improving the loss of stability and balance that had occurred from being in a coma for 30 days. We continued with the mechanical manipulation and added stamina and strength training which brought me from being able to walk with a walker to walking with no assistance. "
May 12, 2021
"December 2020 I was referred for physical therapy for left shoulder and neck. I was treated by a physical therapist 5 times and my neck pain got worse. I couldn't even sleep anymore and also my left arm and shoulder started hurting. It was also impossible to look over my shoulders and my arms became weak. I was recommended by friends to consult Mr. Izeboud who is a PT. After a few sessions my pain started subsiding, my neck started moving again, the strength in my arms started returning and I could make a fist again with both hands which was not possible for years! I learned that my posture was a major contributor to my neck and arm problems. I know now how to deal with this condition with exercises and posture. I have highly recommend Mr. Izeboud to my family and friends who had any problems with their body"
May 10, 2021
"I came to therapy with knee pain to find out it was my hip. Gilles was very helpful in showing me how align my hip again and not have knee pain. He also gave me good advice on how to improve. "
May 06, 2021
"I was having a great amount of pain in my right knee. I was unable to accomplish every day tasks with the help of PT Gilles and his assessment of my problem he was able to assist me in my recovery where I can now accomplish most things. I can even participate in outdoor activities such as walking 1 1/2 mile and even able to play golf again. I used to be a critic of PT before due to bad experiences but I am having second thoughts after completing my care with Alamogordo Physical Therapy and the help of PT Gilles. Thanks for his help and assistance I am on my way to recovery."
May 06, 2021
"I recommend this facility. My therapist Gilles was great. Got me up and walking the first day. I feel better than I have in several years. I can walk and go further than I thought was possible. Great experience doing therapy here."
Mar 22, 2021
"I have been having constant back pain for over 6 years. During that time I had multiple cortisone shots in my lower and upper back and 2 radiofrequency ablations to deaden the nerves in my lower back in the hopes of decreasing the pain. None of these treatments worked. My only option was physical therapy. I worked with two therapists on my back, one was in 2016 and one a few months ago. Neither was able to provide me with any long term relief. While I was working with the last therapist for my back, I started to see Gilles for my feet and had tremendous relief working with him and Eric. I decided to switch therapists and started see Gilles for my back. He uses the Mckenzie method which has provided me with a substantial amount of relief for my back. There are so many things I was not able to do because of my back pain. Now I am able to do those things again. Gilles have taught me how to manage my pain so that I now have long term relief. I am so grateful for Gilles. He has helped me improve my quality of life so I can fully enjoy my life again."
Feb 11, 2021
"4 months ago I was driving and suddenly the outside world started spinning. I broke out in a cold sweat and pulled over and passed out. I got extremely nauseated and threw up when i came through. It got progressively worse. I saw my pcp who referred me to a heart Dr. and an ear specialist. They ran multiple tests and good not find the source for my problem. They stated that I would have to live with it and that the physical therapist could teach me how to live with it. I consulted Mr. Gilles who diagnoses me the first session with "cervicogenic dizziness" and after 3 sessions my dizziness and room spinning have completely stopped! I wished I'd come to Alamogordo physical therapy 4 months ago! "
Jan 15, 2021
"3 months my left thumb started hurting and locking up and a Dr. diagnosed me with a left Trigger Thumb. I had a hard time doing my hobby as a gun smith. The Dr. suggested surgery and a steroid injection. My wife suggested physical therapy first and the Dr. agreed. I chose Gilles Izeboud PT because of previous results with other joints. With some simple stretches and thumb splinting my thumb pain, clicking and stiffness have gone after 3 sessions!!"
Dec 22, 2020
"I had hip extreme hip pain, seen a doctor who told me that I would have to have a hip replacement within 2 years. My primary doctor sent me to physical therapy at Alamogordo Physical Therapy Center. I was introduced to Gilles Izeboud who informed me that physical therapy would be very helpful for me, weeks later after lots of hip exercises and stretches I have no pain. I am blessed to say that I will not be having any type of hip surgery ever. I have been walking 2 miles a day and riding my bicycle without a problem! Thanks Alamogordo Physical therapy for helping me out!"
Nov 17, 2020
"6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with 4 rotator cuff tears in my right shoulder by an orthopaedic surgeon in Las Cruces, who stated that surgery was the most likely option. Prior to the consult with the surgeon I had difficulty using my right arm and had been unable to sleep for the last 10 months. In order for my insurance to cover my surgery I had to have physical therapy treatment. To my surprise after one treatment from Physical Therapist Gilles Izeboud my shoulder pain has gone, I have been sleeping great and have the use fully back in my right arm ( I am a heavy equipment operator and mechanic). Thanks Gilles, no surgery on my body!"
Nov 02, 2020
"Gilles Izeboud was wonderful at finding the simplest fix to my problem. That's what I love about Alamogordo Physical Therapy. They can fix me when no one else seems able too! I always recommend them to my friends and family. Using the teleconference was handy and easy."
Jun 05, 2020
"Over the past two decades I have sought chronic back/hip pain relief from acupuncture, massage, water therapy, multiple back surgeries, tai chi, yoga and water aerobics. I received some relief from each of these, but nothing comes close to the pain relief I receive from dry needling treatments. Mike Wallace's expertise in this type of therapy has reduced pain significantly and improved the quality of my life. With less pain I am able to move more and that makes me so happy. I am very grateful."
May 29, 2020
"I was experiencing great pain in the middle of the night, disrupting my sleep. The pain went all the way down the right side of my right leg. I had been experiencing pain along the side of this leg for a couple of years, but only during exercise. Often when rising from a chair, I felt pain in the back of my hip, which caused a slowing in my initial walking. With this severe middle of the night pain, I thought something was seriously wrong with me; shared the info with my Dr; she prescribed PT. I was greatly surprised when after the very first session, my knee was not so "stuck," and the pain had subsided. After the next session, I felt I was pretty much healed and am doing the suggested exercises daily. I feel healed after only two sessions, and am prepared to do preventative exercises on my own. I so appreciate this opportunity ~ thank you!"
Feb 28, 2020
"It's amazing how Gilles was able to fix my shoulder in a couple of sessions with some simple taping techniques. Thanks a lot Alamogordo Physical Therapy and Gilles!"
Jan 21, 2020
"I went to Alamogordo Physical Therapy as per recommendation from a great friend of mine to see Mr. Izeboud. 2 months ago I lost 85% of the use of my right arm. I couldn't even pick the coffee pot anymore or shampoo my hair. Everything overhead was a problem. Dr. Rickman referred me to physical therapy. Mr. Gilles assessed my neck and stretched my neck. Less then a week later I have almost regained full use of my right arm! Now I just have to do exercises for my neck and arms to keep it good. Never thought it would be that easy! Thanks Mr. Izeboud and Dr. Rickman!"
Dec 17, 2019
"I was having pain in my left foot for over 3 months, it made it hard to walk. I referred myself for a consultation with Mr. Gilles 1 week ago and my plantar fasciitis is gone after one session! I didn't expect much of physical therapy before because my pain level was very high. Thanks APT!"
Dec 03, 2019
"I was experiencing hip pain on and off since June. I tried chiropractic with little success. I went to see Dr. Rickman, who referred me to PT, and set me up for a hip injection of cortizone. I am amazed how quickly I have progressed (I saw drastic improvement after the first session). I have cancelled the procedure for the injection and feel confident I can progress on my own, using the techniques Gillis has taught me. I am very pleased with my treatment. "
Nov 20, 2019
"I came to Alamogordo Theraphy for TMJ plus tinnititus. Mr. Gilles has really helped my hearing improved, the tunnel hearing is pretty much gone. Ringing in ears not as much and the neck is feeling better. I believe all this is caused by your neck. Thank you."
Nov 18, 2019
"For 2.5 years I suffered with left sided knee pain when walking. I limited my walking because of the pain and did exercises in the gym that did not involve putting weight on my legs. During that time I had 5 steroid injections in my left knee which gave temporary relieve. my gym friends at Alamogordo physical therapy told me to see Gilles because of great results with their aches and pains in the past. Physical therapy never crossed my mind. But after 1 session and 1 stretch my knee symptoms have almost gone and I am walking on the treadmill and the stairs every time I workout as my new routine!"
Oct 29, 2019
"I have had ringing in my ears for the last 30 yrs that I attributed to, too many loud concerts as a teen. After the neck treatments by Gillis my ringing in my ears dramatically decreased by approximate 75%."
Oct 23, 2019
"By all means if you have an injury, check out physical therapy if you want to keep moving. After tripping over my dog during a rapid walk and landing harshly on both knees, physical therapy is the last place I thought I would be. Even after 1 day, my right knee is considerably better at bending. Gilles is my therapist and works my legs hard to get them back to the athletic things I do such as a variety of dance, long hikes, swimming, etc. So definitely do the PT to get over injury and move on with quality life!"
Oct 08, 2019
"After suffering with a wrist injury for 3.5 years and having seen several doctors and physiotherapists, I was told I had tendinitis which could not be treated. My symptoms gradually got worse to the point I could not use my hand properly, I couldn't hold a coffee cup without dropping it, I lost most of my grip strength and my thumb was permanently bent in an unnatural position. I decided enough was enough so I made an appointment to see Gilles. After a few minutes of manipulating my neck, my long term issue was FIXED!! Turns out it was actually an alignment issue in my neck and after releasing the tension, my hand and wrist returned to full functionality, just like than. I seriously could not be more thankful!"
Sep 24, 2019
"I was referred by Dr Kay to Alamogordo Physical therapy because of my face weakness on the right sided which suddenly happened 9 days ago. It improved with medication but I still had a hard time closing my right eye and moving my mouth. I was treated by PT Gilles who put my neck in line with some gentle pressure and my right sided face strength improved immediately 50%! Looking forward to my neck session!"
Sep 24, 2019
"I had back surgery in 2006 in which my back was fused with a cage. I broke my back in 2 places about 1 year ago again when I tripped and fell in the shower. After the fall I received X-rays, CT scan's and MRI's ( X 3). After getting the results I was send to physical therapy at another clinic which didn't help my back and neck at all. The Dr. scheduled me with a pain specialist to burn the nerves in my lower back. 2 days before the procedure my mother "ordered" me to go to Alamogordo Physical therapy to have a consultation with Mr. Gilles Izeboud. After Mr. Izeboud treated my hips, my back pain had reduced so much that I canceled the procedure on my back! Gilles also treated my neck which stopped my migraines! Prior to meeting Gilles I felt hopeless, depressed, sick and tired of not living. Now my life is worth something again!"
Sep 18, 2019
"For over 3 year I suffered horrible back and hip pain. My right shoulder was hurting for over 1 year. Walking, standing and using my right arm was very hard. I have been a server for over 15 years and the pain almost made me quit my job. My Dr. gave me a referral for physical therapy. I didn't believe in physical therapy so I didn't make an appointment. Miss Amanda at Alamogordo physical therapy contacted me and persuaded my to schedule an assessment with Mr. Gilles. I am glad she did because 4 treatments later I am almost pain free in back, hips and shoulder!! Mr. Gilles fixed my back by treating my hip and my shoulder by treating my neck"
Sep 05, 2019
"Have been here for two separate problems and Gellis is the best!! Had me up and back to normal in record time. "
Aug 29, 2019
"6 months ago my right shoulder started hurting with a stinging pain. I couldn't even lift my arm up anymore. Saw mu PCP at the VA who referred me to physical therapy regarding a pulled shoulder muscle. Mr. Gilles assessed and treated my neck and now I am fine. All pain has gone!. I also had radiation for skin cancer on my feet in 1993, ever since I had numbness, pain and pins and needles both feet. The Dr. told me that that was post radiation numbness that would never get better. Mr. Gilles looked at my back and determined that it could be my back. After some simple back exercises and posture changes, my feet symptoms have improved 70%! Great job Alamogordo physical therapy!"
Aug 26, 2019
"After a broken hip 3 years ago where hip replacement was not possible, I needed PT to get strength and movement back. After 3 years of PT in other places, I am still wobbly and weak. Still needing PT, I chose Alamogordo Physical Therapy & Wellness center and requested to work with Mr Gilles Izeboud. Best decision I have made in a very long time. Finally a different approach to my situation. After only one session I have been given skills to do daily household chores -kitchen work- without the pain. I have been given skills for walking that relieve pain and also give me a good exercise. I have received more benefit from the walking technique than the traditional exercises. So glad I chose this team. "
Aug 22, 2019
"I have been experiencing lower back and upper extremity pains for several years. Several months i hurt my my right arm lifting and went to my doctor for an evaluation. My doctor referred me to a chiropractor which after several visits i had to stop going because i felt the treatments were causing me much more pain. I went back to my doctor and got a referral for physical therapy. After 6 visits with Gillies I have almost all of my strength back and range of motion. I been taught to continue therapy at home and feel these treatments have positively corrected what was causing me much pain for several months. Gilles has been very good with diagnosing my problems and correcting the problems to allow me to continue with my daily activities. "
Jul 16, 2019
"I received excellent care while going through therapy. I had a lot of pain in my knee when I first went in, to the point I could hardly walk. After two weeks of therapy, I have gained most of my mobility with much less pain. Thank you Alamogordo Physical Therapy. "
Jul 12, 2019
"Years of pain are now gone. I have been shown how to exercise and move properly which eliminated "construction worker" back. I am amazed and deeply grateful for being shown how manage my own treatments to the degree that makes me feel young again. I have used other medical disciplines for pain management in prior years that never seemed to address the root cause of the pain. Four visits to thee Wellness Center and I feel better than I have in many years. Knowing how to take care of yourself is the key to successfully eliminating pain. Thank you Todd Gower "
Jul 05, 2019
"Gilles did an excellent job on my elbow. He discovered the pain was coming from my neck. After three treatments on my neck, my pain has gone and my strength had almost doubled! Gilles did a great job and I will recommend to anybody who has pain in elbows!"
Jun 27, 2019
"The service and attention was very well taken care of. I had severe left shoulder pain and had trouble moving it for 2 months Dr. Banikarim referred me to see Gilles who treated my neck. All my shoulder pain went away after the first session. I have fully returned to my normal working activities without pain!"
Jun 17, 2019
"I am a 71-year-old female with severe COPD and woke up 2 weeks ago with severe back pain which made my breathing even harder because of hurting more every breath. I saw my PCP who suggested a consult with a spinal surgeon because of my scan findings. My husband suggested consulting Mr. Izeboud at Alamogordo physical therapy because of great experiences in the past. After my 4th session of physical therapy, my pain has reduced 95% to the point that I can manage it myself. I would recommend physical therapy first to anybody to avoid any other possible risky interventions!!"
Jun 13, 2019
"I did come in with a back strain and one week of therapy really helped. Gilles was very very helpful and I have no more back pain. Thanks so much."
May 24, 2019
"I have had chronic back pain starting after a back injury in 1985. I have been very active but have 2 to 3 episodes of severe pain yearly. After each episode, I seem to have lost strength and flexibility. when I started PT about a month ago I felt like this back and hip problem was ruining my life. All this was made worse about six months ago after a fall from my horse. I landed on my left shoulder, neck, and head. the pain was 10 on the scale of 1-10. my Dr. x-rayed and no fractures. However, I started to have full-time headaches. Then on a Saturday morning, I woke up with double vision. I went to my eye Dr. three times for all kinds of testing. He came up with the fall that caused this eye double vision and adapted in my glasses which I never had to wear before. After PT with Gilles on my neck my double vision has reduced 50% to the point that I need less strong prescription glasses. After 5 sessions with Gilles I can line dance 3 miles again and feel I can do anything I want at almost 70 years young! "
May 22, 2019
"I came into therapy with a lot of pain from arthritis. Gilles showed me different exercises that helped a lot. Doctors wanted to replace or fuse my ankle since I could hardly move it. Through the therapy, my ankle is greatly improved. My knee has improved a lot also. I am able to walk without wobbling from side to side. Therapy has helped me regain my freedom."
May 20, 2019
"February 17, 2019, I got hit by another car on the driver side. After the accident, I went to the ER and was prescribed narcotic pain medication which I refused. I made a follow up with my PCP who stated that all my imaging tests were negative. The prescribed medication made me sick. I had severe dizziness, eye, ear, and neck pain, I even suffered from blurry vision. My lower back and right hip were hurting very bad too. I stayed in bed most of the time because of my pain and dizziness, lost all my strength. After falling I was diagnosed with an inner ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics, steroids and motion sickness medication. I was also treated by a chiropractor which didn't help. Finally, my PCP referred me to physical therapy and my appointment was with Mr. Izeboud. Surprisingly after 3 sessions most of my symptoms have subsided! I wish I would have come for physical therapy in February......................."
May 20, 2019
"Had elbow pain for a month or so and thought I get some acupuncture for the pain. I spoke to Gilles who advised a neck and arm assessment. I could set up an appointment without needing a Dr's referral which I didn't know. After neck treatment my elbow pain went away after 3 sessions! No acupuncture needed!"
May 16, 2019
"Twice in the past 5 or 6 years I've seen Gilles and both times, I have ended up feeling better than I'd hoped for. I'm 68 years old and try hard to be active. I dance, I stretch...but I developed pain in my hip and and had quit dancing. After two or three therapy sessions, I went to a music festival where I stood and danced for hours with NO pain, none at all...and I flat out moved! I even impressed myself. I am still taken by surprise at how well his therapy works. I can't recommend Gilles more highly. He gave back my life and it feels like he gave back my youth."
May 06, 2019
"For 5 months I was suffering with left shoulder pain and stiffness. It was affecting everything I did including sleeping. I had a neck fusion 3 years ago. I consulted a Dr. who diagnosed my with a left shoulder impingement syndrome without examining it. They referred me to Alamogordo physical therapy where physical therapist Gilles treated my neck and my shoulder pain has gone after 2 treatments!"
Apr 24, 2019
"I was scheduled for shoulder surgery and additional back injections for pain. My neck, back, and legs have given me considerable pain for years. I asked my doctor for physical therapy and was discouraged from doing so. I was told that therapy would not work. However, I made an appointment with Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert. MDT, and have seen much improved mobility and much less pain in just two sessions. I am electing to continue therapy."
Apr 22, 2019
"Therapy with Gilles has been a really good experience for Trinnie Sanchez. When we first came into the center she us very unsteady on her feet and was using a walker on a regular bases and was very dependant on help for everything including dressing herself, but since she started therapy, she has stopped using the walker and has gained confidence in walking and doing things for herself."
Mar 29, 2019
"I have had a very sore right shoulder for about 15 years. I worked out with free weights for 30 years and evolved into using a bowflex for my upper body workout mainly due to my shoulder pain. I finally decided to address the pain by telling my family doctor about my shoulder and referred to Dr. Freeh who referred me to physical therapy it has helped to achieve motion in my shoulder. I never considered that PT would resolve my motion but surpassed. My therapist Gilles is exceptional and has pushed me and informed me as to how to exercise my shoulder to achieve more motion. I now have a toolbox of exercises to use in effort to maybe get close to where I can be which would enhance my life going forward."
Mar 11, 2019
"During my time in physical therapy I was very pleased with the service I received from the therapist Salvador Saucedo and Monika LaBelle. They took their time be patient,caring and professional. From the very first day I was treated very well by the ladies Patty, Amanda and Sonia. I am legally blind and they took their time to meet my needs by being very caring, kind, patient and very helpful. For this reason I would highly recommend Alamogordo Physical Therapy & Wellness Center."
Feb 18, 2019
"I started having neck pain 6 weeks ago. The pain was constant and the Dr. prescribed me muscle relaxer and other medication which gave short term relief. The pain kept me awake for 6 weeks and prevented me from lifting at work I saw Mr. Gilles Pt 2 days ago and my pain has been virtually gone after only one session! Way to go Alamogordo Physical Therapy"
Feb 18, 2019
"30 years ago I had a surgery on my chest/ right shoulder. After that surgery I developed right arm pain with complete numbness of my right hand. It was treated with medication which helped some. Overtime I stopped using the right arm and hand since I dropped objects. I burned my hand because I couldn't feel my hand. The strength in my arm/ hand was reduced a lot and the muscles were going away. After being assessed by Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert. MDT, it appeared that my neck was causing a lot of my arm and hand symptoms and I could feel a reduction in numbness and tingling after the first session ( hadn't had a change in my hand symptoms for at least 10 years. I had given up writing months ago. I have been able to write some and can practice that now. Great improvement in just one week!"
Feb 01, 2019
"I am a 56-year-old female who has suffered horribly from lower right back pain, tremendous neck pain resulting in waking daily with extreme intense numbness in hand, arm, and the leg for approximately past 7-8 years. As of today, this is my 2nd physical therapy visit with Gilles & I have been completely shocked and amazed at how since the 1st visit I have awoken daily with NO numbness, no pain, feeling like a new lady. Wish I would have done PT way before now but I now look forward to utilizing the tools I am being taught in order to continue pain and numb free till my end of time. Thank you Alamogordo Physical Therapy and a huge thanks to Gilles!!! "
Feb 01, 2019
"Mr. Gilles my therapist on my first visit performed professional routines on my back, and hips which had immediate benefits on my back symptoms. I am surprised to see such a quick respons in back and and legs ( 1 session). I had a fall one year ago and got so badly injured that I required spinal fusion. My back and legs never felt good again. Previous physical therapy didn't give me any relieve. After the initial visit with Gilles I noticed extreme positive changes in all my sympoms!! Many thanks for Gilles his professionalism"
Jan 30, 2019
"I was amazed at how much I learned about how my bones and muscles work, and what I am unintentionally doing to defeat their efficiency."
Jan 28, 2019
"I was suffering with left knee pain for over 4 years. I saw an orthopedic surgeon for consult. The surgeon scheduled me for a knee replacement January this year. I consulted Gilles Izeboud PT who assessed and treated my back, left hip and knee. My left knee has been pain free since I started the therapy and I will not have the knee replacement!!"
Jan 04, 2019
"Artesia Physical Therapy is well organized and a clean environment. They help me get back to normal, and I no longer have pain. They also provided different exercises I can perform to keep myself pain free. I would recommend them to family and friends."
Dec 19, 2018
"Grateful for you guys getting my arm back to normal and taking away my pain."
Nov 27, 2018
"I had suffered for 3 years with right shoulder pain and stiffness. I consulted 4 Dr's in those years who diagnosed me with severe cartilage thinning "bone on bone" and the Dr. assured me that I needed a right shoulder replacement in the near future. The Dr. also suggested physical therapy prior to the replacement surgery. I asked to be assessed by Mr. Gilles PT because of a great experience with my back years ago. Gilles assessed and treated my neck which took care of the pain in both shoulders and upper back! Prior to my treatment, I hadn't been able to sleep a full night because of my shoulder pain. Last 3 nights I have been sleeping like a baby!"
Oct 11, 2018
"For the first time in my life I experienced right knee pain that was debilitating. As an older woman, I began to become discouraged. I suffered with the pain for over 2 months thinking it would improve. Unable to walk, I began elevating the leg during the day and at night. To alleviate swelling and pain, I started taking Advil and applied an ice pack multiple times during the day. Finally, as my mobility became more restricted, I made a wellness appointment with my doctor. During that visit, the doctor ordered an MRI. The next month I returned for a follow-up. The doctor recommended several orthopedic surgeons. I began to do more research and the prognosis was not encouraging. Through some personal connections, I was able to have a review of my records with a top orthopedic surgeon in the country. He asked if I had undergone physical therapy or injections. Neither option had been offered through my local physician. When I returned to my doctor, I requested a referral to physical therapy. I made an appointment with Alamogordo Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, Inc. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The environment was professional, clean, and inviting. I was assigned a physical therapist, Gilles Izeboud, PT, Cert. MDT. My life took a dramatic change. Gilles evaluated me and I began physical therapy. Within the first 24 hours I felt relief from my pain. At that point I was totally committed to his direction and expertise. I truly felt that he had performed a "miracle". As my therapy continued, my knee improved dramatically! I was able to walk, return to my activities, and continue an optimistic outlook on life and my future. My mobility has returned 100%. I have full confidence in Gilles and appreciate all he has done. He is truly an amazing therapist and I am deeply grateful for his expertise, encouragement, and treatment. I would highly recommend Gilles Izeboud and Alamogordo Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. "
Oct 02, 2018
"I was referred to PT for RA. My hips were causing me pain daily. During my assessment it was found that my hips were actually out of alignment. With a little adjustment and the physical therapy to strengthen the muscle to help keep my hips in alignment i feel so much better and the pain has drastically decreased. Just because you have a chronic condition does not mean you have to suffer in pain. Other things may be causing your pain. Always look for an alternative treatment besides pain meds. You might be surprised at what turns out to be causing you pain."
Sep 19, 2018
"I first came here due to having had breast cancer and needed to see a lymph edema specialist. But soon found everyone in here is most knowledgeable. I returned here recently for pain in the arms and shoulders, this time seeing a pt and gotta say, this guy Gilles knows his stuff. Feeling great in no time. Very happy with this place and all who work here."
Sep 11, 2018
"For 5 years I had been suffering with pain, swelling and pins and needles in both feet. Over those 5 years I had been treated by a vascular surgeon, chiropractor and acupuncture. None of that helped my foot pain . Mr. Gilles PT assessed my hips and treated them with traction and my foot/ leg pain has almost gone in 3 sessions only."
Aug 23, 2018
"I was injured two months prior and diagnosed with a herniated disk that was supposed to be treated with physical therapy and intraspinal injections among other things. My first course of treatment was at the Alamogordo Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, Inc. where I was assigned to Gilles Izeboud, PT Cert. MDT. I undertook his treatment methods and within a short period of time I felt as though I had never injured myself at all. Furthermore I felt better and fitter than I had been in awhile and mind you I had been dealing with debilitating pain and some loss of mobility prior to my treatment which totaled approximately one month and some days. I highly commend Gilles not only for helping me return to better than my pre injury state, but I also commend him for being a highly skilled professional who to me not only cares about providing the best services, but also treats his patients like family. "
Aug 08, 2018
"I suffered lower back, right hip and leg pain for over 1 year. I was diagnosed with radiculopathy L5/ S1 and was offered injection therapy of physical therapy. I saw Mr. Gilles Izeboud 3 years ago who did a great job on my left shoulder by treating my neck. This time he fixed my back and leg pain by helping me getting my right hip back into place! I have been pain free in back, hip, leg and foot after 1 session only!"
Aug 06, 2018
"I got hit by a big truck in 1980 and suffered a bad back injury with multiple fractures of the spine . I had constant pain in my back and numbness in both legs ever since. I had back surgery 3 years ago but still had the back pain and leg numbness after. Mr. Gilles Izeboud PT decided after a thorough assessment that my hips could be causing the back and leg symptoms and treated me as such. Ever since my back and leg symptoms have gone! NEVER THOUGHT MY HIPS COULD BE THE CAUSE OF MY SYMPTOMS! Thanks Gilles!"
Jul 31, 2018
"I cannot say enough about how I have been helped. I used to get up and at first I had to get my knee working by holding on to things and taking slow steps. I looked like a 100 year old lady until I could get my knee working. After sessions with Gilles I can get up and walk without pain. I plan to continue coming to this wonderful center and doing the exercises I have learned from Gilles. Thank you Gilles for helping me more that I imagined was possible and not accepting the pain as part of getting older."
Jun 26, 2018
"Excellent care, very nice clean and professional."
May 30, 2018
"I spent eleven weeks on a knee scooter after multiple foot surgeries. The long inactivity resulted in loss of balance and muscle strength in addition to constant pain. In January I started working with Lili and my improvement is remarkable. She helped me walk again and for that I am so grateful. More importantly she gave me hope of a life with less every day pain, a gift I cherish. "
May 04, 2018
"I was scheduled at the Laser Spine Institute in Phoenix for May 13, 2018 which would have cost me $14000 out of pocket. I already payed $250.00 down payment. My friend recommended me to be assessed by Gilles Izeboud PT . at Alamogordo Pysical therapy first after having a great experience with Gilles. I was very sceptical after being in constant back and leg pain for over 1 year to the point that I was walking with a walker. Gilles assessed me and determined that he could help me help myself. After 1 session I could walk without a walker and my pain was 50% reduced. After the second session my pain was gone! Now I just need to get my strength back which I am sure Gilles can help! Best part of all this is that I can spend this $14000.00 on something I need!"
Apr 18, 2018
"Went to the doctor with extreme pain in the right shoulder and right elbow. Was sent to a joint doctor for xrays. Prescribed pain meds and steriods. Then went back still hurting, at this time they decided it was my neck causing nerve pain. Started physical therapy and noticed a difference after the first visit. Wish the first doctor had realized this was a neck problem and started therapy sooner. I would have not had the extra 3 weeks of pain and the added expense."
Mar 30, 2018
"I was referred for back injections but elected to try physical therapy first. A friend recommended Alamogordo Physical Therapy where I was assessed and treated by Mr. Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert. MDT who treated me with the Mckenzie Method. I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis and a major lower back scoliosis. To my surprise after 4 treatments on my back and hips I have been pain free and can walk almost a mile! I have asked my husband to make an appointment too regarding long lasting back issues. I am sure Gilles will do a great job with him too!"
Mar 21, 2018
"Truly don't know what I would of done without Arren and David! They were friendly and professional at the same time. I improved so much under their care! I will miss seeing them every few days. They also gave me confidence to try things and then accomplish my goals. I would recommend Artesia Physical Therapy to anyone who asked!"
Dec 28, 2017
"I am a very active man playing tennis 4 times a week for 2 hours at the time. I also play volleyball and golf. The elbow was interfering with my ability to play tennis with my right arm. I was referred by the GP because of elbow pain in my right elbow that I have been having for over 12 months. I also has RTC surgery 1998 and still experienced right shoulder pain and stiffness. On 2 occasions I received steroid injections in my elbow which gave temporary relieve. The doctor was thinking tendinitis of the Biceps and referred me for a physical therapy assessment. I was assessed and treated by Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert MDT who diagnosed my neck for being the source of my arm pain. He treated it according to the McKenzie method and in 2 sessions my pain has virtually gone and I am back to my normal activities/ sport after 2 sessions of treating my neck with a home exercise program! I wish I'd started this 12 months ago!"
Dec 06, 2017
"Great!!! 100% after bad back injury."
Dec 06, 2017
"I had both of my knees replaced November 6, 2017 by Dr. Race. I was recommended by friends to come to Alamogordo Physical therapy. Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert. MDT has been my physical therapist who pushed me in a professional way to the level I am now 3 weeks later. Today I can walk up and down the stairs, stand up and sit down from a low chair get in and out of the car without a problem! My ultimate goal is golf and motorbike riding which I am surer Gilles will help me achieve. I can recommend this place to everybody who needs it!"
Dec 01, 2017
"I was treated by Gilles Izeboud, who did an excellent job in relieving my shoulder & back pain."
Nov 01, 2017
"Was not really looking forward to therapy. Massive change in attitude now. Therapy was very helpful. Gilles knows his job and does it well."
Oct 31, 2017
"I have 2 Harrington fixation rods in my spine from a car accident from over 20 years ago. I've lived in pain ever since. A few sessions and some excellent education from Gilles Izeboud, and I feel so much better! I went from being at a constant pain level of between 4-6 to a solid 1-3. Thank you Gilles!"
Oct 24, 2017
"The care that I received was wonderful. Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert. MDT and Chelsea Wilson PTA.I suffered from numbness, tingeling and burning in both feet for over 10 years. Received chiropractic treatment for 5 year without improvement. Was treated by 4 medical Dr's which didn't help ( medication treatment). Had bad reaction to the medication. I requested a physical therapy assessment 2 months ago. Immediately during the first session of physical therapy the foot pain and constant numbness right foot went away!!! THE FOOT SYMPTOMS WENT AWAY AFTER TREATING BOTH HIPS WHICH WERE OUT OF ALLIGNEMENT!! With Chelsea's and Gilles exercises I am now able to keep my feet from being numb and hurting!!"
Oct 17, 2017
"Christmas came early for me thanks to the wonderful work of Giles. When I arrived here for my first appointment post ankle surgery, I was walking with a limp and with pain. After some time with Giles, I left walking with no limp and no pain. At home later I did the massaging that Giles showed me, and walked into my therapy appointment this morning with no limp. I love this place and their staff."
Oct 05, 2017
"Was great got the problem solved and the hardest part was I did not know that wound care was provided here, I thought it was just physical therapy. They need to get the word out wound care is here also. Gilles was great."
Oct 04, 2017
"I have had numbness in the thumb and index fingers on both hands for months. I felt that situation was hopeless. My family physician recommended that I schedule an appointment with Gilles to do an evaluation and develop a physical therapy plan to address my condition. I'm extremely pleased that I did. Gilles physical therapy approach utilizes the Makenzie Method. Through utilization of these techniques and at home exercise program, the numbness is subsiding and feeling is returning to my fingers."
Sep 29, 2017
"Came in to see if anything could be done to eliminate some right leg numbness and pain when walking. The right leg had suffered two upper femur fractures and a tibia/fibula fracture all requiring surgery. In 2007, I suffered trauma to the disk between L4 & L5 causing major pain up and down my right leg. The x-ray and MRI indicated a herniated disk and minor scoliosis. The PT during treatment indicated that my right leg was shorter by 1/2 inch (as measured while lying on a table) and suggested a heel lift. Upon evaluation by Gillis he was noticed that there was a considerable learn to the right and my back muscles had over compensated for the heal lift. After three sessions and removing the heel lift the muscles have begun to normalize and the lean has begun to correct itself as well. I was introduced to Alamogordo PT and Wellness Center with my wife for treatment of her back pain. Gillis suggested that I have an evaluation and the rest is a testament to making sure the spine and the appendages are in proper alignment and posture, posture, posture."
Sep 26, 2017
"Very good! My shoulder was hurting very badly. I had trouble reaching on a high shelf for things. The pain disturbed my sleep. After first assessment with Gilles, the pain has diminished. I can raise my arm high without feeling pain."
Sep 19, 2017
"When prescribed physical therapy for neck and arm pain I was skeptical. I exercise on a regular basis and I am a certified personal trainer. My attitude towards physical therapy has changed! I learned neck exercises which have been extremely helpful and I have become more aware of my posture. The therapist was very knowledgeable and was engaged with my care the entire session. I feel I have been empowered to improve my well being. Therapy has been a positive experience. When prescribed physical therapy for my neck and arm pain, I was skeptical. I felt I exercised on a regular basis and had background as a certified personal trainer. I am so excited with my physical therapy! I learned exercises for my neck which I can do on a regular basis. The physical therapist was knowledgeable and provide ample instruction. I feel I have been empowered to improve my well being. Physical thrapy has been a positive experience."
Sep 18, 2017
"I have been in pain from what was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia in 2001. I have seen well over 10 doctor's whom have given me MRI's, CatScan's, Ultrasounds. All these doctor's stated they could not figure out what was wrong so assumed it was nerve pain and damage. Today I came to physical therapy and the Therapist Gilles did 3 different techniques to which I walked in with a pain of 81/2 out of 10. After 3 exercises and some stretching my pain level dropped to a 3. I hope that this treatment continues to help me."
Sep 14, 2017
"I went to see Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert MDT at Alamogordo Physical Therapy for dizziness that occurred when I would lie on my left side to sleep. I chose Gilles because of previous positive experiences when he treated me for back issues. I self-referred. After assessing my neck, Gilles provided manual therapy and taught me therapeutic exercises for a home exercise program. After 6 visits, I am free of dizziness, have greater range of motion in my neck and shoulders, and have improved posture! I appreciate that I was able to get my first appointment within 3 days! I highly recommend Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert MDT."
Aug 21, 2017
"I was told that my left knee was needing an operation by the Dr. I told them that I wanted to be checked by Mr Gilles Izeboud PT, Cert MDT at Alamogordo Physical Therapy. Mr. Gilles had me do some simple exercises for my hip which fixed the pain in my knee! I had previous problems with my shoulders and back and the doctors wanted to do some tests but I said I wanted physical therapy.I saw Gilles who fixed me in 5 sessions. No further tests needed."
Aug 17, 2017
"I will miss coming to this facility! Easy access; good parking; friendly, happy atmosphere; upbeat, positive, helpful staff. Oliver is a great, caring, knowledgeable therapist. I enjoyed working with him very much. I believe that he is headed for much bigger and better things, and I wish him well!"
Aug 07, 2017
"On arrival my energy level was extremely low and strength was as well. Pain in my right shoulder was significant as well as my left elbow. Now there is no pain and I am not limited as to use of both. My energy level is greatly improved and I am able to walk much larger distances. There was a degree of ringing and noise in my ears which has now reduced to a mush more pleasant level. In my right hand where two fingers were numb now the numbness is only in one finger. Overall there are numerous of improvement that I am well pleased with."
Aug 01, 2017
"perfect in every way"
Jul 31, 2017
"I went to PT previously a few weeks ago I returned for more therapy different area to be treated. After a treatment on my shoulder and some massage I found that I could actually almost fully close my right hand. I feel all the staff is caring, professional, and very knowledgeable, Gilles was exceptional, Liane, Alan, Chris, and Oliver. who cared for my husband should be given acknowledgement for exceptional care, Thank You,"
Jul 27, 2017
"i came in well severe issues walking and being able to move around just to do my daily tasks, The staff were very helpful and courteous in helping me get through this and i was thankfully able to recover quickly with all the help I received. I am beyond grateful for the assistance I got to get through this injury."
Jul 25, 2017
"Tolles Team und besonders Gilles hat sich super um meine Verletzungen gekuemmert. Ich kann Alamogordo Physical Therapy auf jeden Fall empfehlen und bedanke mich fuer die zahlreiche Hilfe und bedanke mich ebenfalls fuer das familiaere Klima, welches mir entgegengebracht wurde."
Jul 25, 2017
"Everything and everyone was great. Fantastic."
Jul 25, 2017
"Very Helpful staff, always making sure that I was comfortable with the exercises that I was doing and never pushing me to do something I couldn't. will recommend to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Jul 21, 2017
"During my time at Alamogordo Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, I came in with limited mobility after waiting an initial 5 months to recover. With in the first few sessions I had already noticed an improvement in my mobility and pain level. The attention each patient receives no matter how large or minor the pain may seem, is equally important to the staff across the board. The facility is extremely well maintained and the equipment was up to date and clean. I appreciate all the help in my recovery and definitely recommend anyone needing top notch physical therapy to try APT."
Jul 10, 2017
"I personally recommend Gilles Izeboud as a knowledgeable and dedicated Physical Therapist. I have used his services doing two different Physical therapy sessions. These sessions were assigned by local physicians, The first time, I was fortunate enough to eb assigned to him because of his expertise in what my condition needed. The second time I requested Gilles because I know how he goes above and beyond to help people when working with his patients. Gilles set up an exercise program for me to follow at home and one for therapy Center. I appreciate his knowledge and caring for people he works with. Janice Yannacone"
Jul 10, 2017
"Therapy was great. It was very helpful. Thank you Liane and Brandi."
Jul 07, 2017
"I love the people that work here. They care about everything around them! They are the best therapy team I have ever known!"
Jul 06, 2017
Jun 30, 2017
"The staff here are wonderful. Oliver, Ana, and Joanna are amazing. Will be recommending Alamo PT to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Jun 30, 2017
"great facility, When I first started me movements was very short. Now after 20 visits I am able to do many more movements than before."
Jun 28, 2017
"I will come back over and over after each surgery to get help in my recovery.. They are absolutely amazing. Very professional, outgoing, comforting , interested in what you like and dislike to make sure to have conversations. They care about how you feel and after very informative. They want to make sure that you are at your best and if there is anything else that they can do they want to help without an issue. They encourage you to do your best."
Jun 27, 2017
"I came to Alamogordo Physical Therapy& Wellness Center due to almost a year old chest injury that also affected other areas in my body. I had two therapists Chelesa and Gilles who were both awesome they challenged me to do exercises I would not have ever done myself I wish I would have came when I first got injured. Each session I attended I improved and they both showed me exercises to do at home more which made my progress a lot better and for that I will forever be grateful. Anyone who needs therapy I would recommend this place to come."
Jun 27, 2017
"I recommend this center to all who have health issues. Their staff is very helpful and caring."
Jun 23, 2017
"therapist Gillis was great - got my husband up & moving & returning to normal."
Jun 23, 2017
"Therapist Gilles was great -got"
Jun 23, 2017
"every thing was great, professional service. back to 100%."
Jun 22, 2017
"My hand is much improved"
Jun 21, 2017
"I started therapy around February and ever since I started coming my back has been feeling better and I have had less pain after doing hard exercises. I highly recommend coming to this physical therapy and wellness center."
Jun 21, 2017
"Very good therapist and assistance's. Always in good moods and make you feel comfortable to be here. Love coming here."
Jun 21, 2017
"My back pain was making it difficult to do anything; sleeping, walking, lifting, sitting, even personal care. I longed for the day I would be back on my bike or even running again. Everyone at Alamo PT seems to all work together, bouncing ideas off of each other for each individual person’s needs. I learned something good from everyone. However, progressing as a problem child, I was eventually referred to Gilles, who quickly tried new and different things. Ultimately, by him treating my hips, the years of back pain was alleviated within weeks. I am beyond pleased and wish somebody had assessed by back/hip pain sooner. I would recommend Alamo PT and Gilles to anyone!"
Jun 20, 2017
"You all have done a great job."
Jun 20, 2017
"I had sciatica pain in my right leg for years and had to take medication to ease the pain. I saw Gilles without a Physical Therapy RX and he determined what was causing my pain. He assessed and treated my back and hip and I have been pain free without medication for over a year. My work required a lot of walking which I wasn't able to do anymore. Now I can work and walk without pain!! Thank you Alamogordo Physical Therapy and Wellness Center for a great facility... and THANK YOU, Gilles for making me pain free."
Jun 20, 2017
"I have had severe neck problems since a car accident in December 2016. Hellis Izeoboud has been my physical therapist for several years. I trust him completely with my physical issues as they appear. He was able once again able to adjust my neck so I no longer have dizzy spells or pain in my back and neck. I recommend him highly to all other patients."
Jun 20, 2017
"After 40 years of a continues headache I am at last free of pain, not to mention that the pain in my left shoulder and hip has subsided. I am a retired R.N. and I recommend the Alamorgodo Physical Therapy & Wellness Center. Gillis Izeboud PT. MDT is The BEST!!!I have lost count of the Dr.'s I have seen and the shots and meds I have taken, finally something worked and someone knew what to do!!!!!"
Jun 19, 2017
"I highly recommend this Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. My therapist, Mike, is knowledgable, attentive and caring. He challenged me during all sessions and that is something athletes love, a challenge. In six challenging sessions, I felt major improvement and my injury is nearly healed. Mike, and this center believe in holistic treatment and I can't express enough what a fresh breath of air it was to be so well taken care of. My last experience at a PT center in Florida was unsatisfactory and I lost faith in PT. This center and this therapist has changed my mind and I am a firm believer in Physical Therapy. Thank you Mike and thank you Alamogordo Physical Therapy and Wellness Center."
Jun 16, 2017
"The care for the patient is excellent."
Jun 15, 2017
"I am very pleased with the help that I have received in helping me recovery from my surgery."
Jun 08, 2017
"Once again my problem was resolved. Gilles is the best. I highly recommend Alamogordo Physical Therapy."
May 16, 2017
"I have had four back surgeries and walked with a walker or cane for years. After working with a therapist for a couple of months I am now walking with no aid and diminished pain. I am so appreciative how hard the staff works to help me and how easy they make it to get an appointment. I am on medicare and a phone call was all I needed to get assistance. I did not need a doctor referral or tests. I will continue therapy until I have made all the progress possible. Thank you for your care!"
Apr 13, 2017
"Great practice"
Apr 12, 2017
"Very nice staff."
Apr 10, 2017