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“I have just completed an exercise program that consisted of 13 sessions for post knee surgery. I was impressed with your facility. Your entire staff was cordial and friendly and I now consider them to be my friends.

My therapist, Sal, was professional and efficient. He was the key to my recovery and I appreciate him very much. You are fortunate to have an employee of this caliber. If I should ever have a need for the Wellness Center again, I will insist on him being my therapist.

Seldom are we ver completely satisfied with a service or product; however, this is how I feel about my entire experience with my doctor, Dr. Race, and the Wellness Center, and especially, Sal.”


“I have received a series of physical therapy treatments on two separate occasions at Alamogordo Physical Therapy. The therapists are truly professional and demonstrate such care and concern with each session. They have researched my condition and have not hesitated to consult with other staff members to insure that I was getting the best treatment!”

Paul Smathers

“I am extremely pleased with the care, knowledge of the therapists, quality of equipment, and determination of the staff to make my care successful and enjoyable.”

Robert Slifko

“I have had the pleasure of coming to Alamogordo Physical Therapy twice, first with Julie who was inspiring and professional. My second episode was with Lauren who was fantastic in her own right; knowledgeable, always caring, willing to share and helpful. As a side note your equipment and staff are of the highest quality and a pleasure to work with.”

Dedrianne Hartgers

“As soon as I came in to the Wellness Center I was made to feel at ease. My phyiscal therapist, Andy, was so professional, caring, and considerate of my pain. He has shown me stretches and exercises and has been such a help to me. I currently have no pain. I am walking everyday and am now a member of the Wellness Center, continuing the program Andy started me out with. Alamogordo is lucky to have physical therapists such as Andy.”

Jeanette Killebrew


“I fell in love with all the staff at Artesia Physical Therapy. I can’t express how good they were to me. I have no pain – walking so much better than I ever remember walking. I am going to have to have another procedure and I’m looking forward to going back to therapy there. I highly recommend Artesia Physical Therapy. I go back often just to visit with the staff.”

Vella Dodd

“My wife and I had physical therapy on 3 occasions at Artesia Physical Therapy. Our therapy resulted in meeting or exceeding our physician’s expectations. The staff was very efficient and courteous. The therapists were extremely competent. We believe Artesia is fortunate to have this service available.”

Warren and Shirley Nell


“Walking through the doors at Carlsbad Physical Therapy is like walking into a friend’s home. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Carlsbad Physical Therapy is all about making the pain stop and getting your life back. The initial evaluation was unbelievably comprehensive. I was impressed. When I’m done, I go home and pick up my children…pain free”

Mike Antiporda

“This has been a wonderful experience in regaining my health. What an asset Carlsbad Physical Therapy is to our town.”

Patty Baratti-Sallani

“The personnel at Carlsbad Physical Therapy are very helpful and show concern for your needs. I would truly recommend this place to anyone in need of physical therapy.”

Robert Arrey

“I loved the positive attitude every one of the staff has and the professionalism shown in my care. I felt my recovery went faster than expected due to their diligence in assessing my progress and needs. I will definitely go back if I need therapy in the future.”

Irma Phillips

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